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A Beaded Thank-You
Beaded Quilt of Thanks

I'm overwhelmed! I woke up this morning to a package sitting in my favorite chair (my computer chair of course!) where I would be sure to find it. I opened it to find these lovely gifts from some of the wonderful people who visit these pages. Most of them are patches which I will assemble into, um, something. (g) I haven't decided yet! I'm thinking of sewing them to the front of a cloth purse and then filling in around them with bead embroidery, what do you think? I also received a pretty bracelet in red glass, hematite and silver, and a sweet pearl angel! For now I've made it all into a sort of cyber-quilt. :-)All of this beautiful work lovingly made and sent just to say thank you! Wow.

I want to thank everyone who participated in this project, especially Ciara Neill and Julie Cresswell, who organized it. Ciara's patch is repeated across the top and bottom of the picture. Then, from left to right in the first row we have patches from Kristi Daniel, Pamela McCarville and Patricia Henshall. In the second row on the left is a patch from Susan Cain, in the center is a bracelet by Jen Walker and an angel by Gloria Davis. On the right is a patch from BrendaLea. In the third row are patches from Stephanie trice, Margaret Ball and Kathy Rice. Heartfelt thanks to all of you, you made my week at least!

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