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Dimensional Bead Patterns - Free Bead Patterns in 3-D

  • A Tiny Beaded Witch Doll
    This adorable tiny beaded witch doll is bound to be a big hit for Halloween.
  • Hula Girl
    Say Aloha to this sweet little beaded Hawaiian hula-dancing doll.
  • Seed Beaded Snow Angel
    Bead this little Snow Angel using this free bead patterns and seed beads.
  • 3-D Beaded Daffodil Flowers
    A great pattern for creating dimensional beaded daffodil flowers.
  • Embellished Floral Beaded Choker
    A choker full of beaded flowers, a perfect first project for learning to bead miniature beaded flowers.
  • Intricate 3-D Fuschia Beaded Earrings
    These intricate beaded earrings were designed for an intermediate to advanced beader with knowledge of basic and more advanced beadwork stitches.
  • Bearded Iris Beaded Flower
    A beautiful bead pattern for a Dimensional Bearded Iris beaded flower, created in miniature and workable with size 11/0 seed beads or the smaller size 15/0 seed beads.
  • Realistic Fuchsia Beaded Earrings
    Bead these lovely, realistic-looking Fuchsia flower dimensional beaded earrings in the traditional colors of this beloved flower, and it will look like you're wearing the genuine article all year 'round.
  • Wisteria Beaded Earrings
    Bead these lovely purple and green Wisteria bloom bunches to celebrate one of Spring's first flowers, one of the firs to bloom, even before the develop leaves, beading with with size 15/0 green beads and size 11/0 purple beads to really make that Wisteria purple pop!
  • Dimensional Beaded Turtle - Beaded Turtle in 3-D
    This is a fairly advanced bead patterns, with lots of size and stitch cnages, but creates the cutest little beaded turtle you'll ever see.
  • Beaded Bicone Bead
    Free bead pattern with tutorial teaching the easy way to make a bicone beaded bead.
  • Beaded Candy Canes with Wire and Seed Beads
    Tiny little beaded candy canes, beaded using a spiral stitch and a core of wire, these are a perfect little beaded Winter Holiday adorment.
  • Beaded Dragonfly Earrings
    Here's a pattern for delightful beaded, dimensional dragonflies, created using rectangular "chicklet" beads, a few other types of beads and beading wire.
  • Holiday Harvest
    Bead a bit of Fall's bountiful harvest: 3-D pumpkins and dimensional beaded Indian Corn to use in cute beaded jewelry to celebrate the Autumn season.
  • Miniature Beaded Easter Basket
    Create a tiny Easter basket beaded with seed beads and worked in Flat Round Peyote stitch.

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