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Soft & Slinky Dutch Spiral
Free Bead Pattern Instructions

1. Start the bracelet pattern according to these instructions, but instead of using 11/0 beads in the first row, use the 14/0's.

2, Continue the pattern in the instructions, except at Step #7, use a 14/0 and an 11/0. Then at Step #8 use an 11/0, a 14/0 and an 11/0. Maintain this pattern throughout the bracelet.

3. When you have reached a length of 5 1/2 inches, or until you are 1 1/2 inches shorter that the wrist size, finish off according to these instructions, using the corresponding 11/0 and 14/0 beads as above.

4. Using a new thread of Nymo, pass through the bead closest to the tip of the Spiral, and knot securely, leaving a 6" tail.

5. Add one of the Turquoise nuggets, an 11/0 bead, a 14/0 bead and an 11/0 bead.

6. Place the 8mm piece of French Coil onto the thread, and pass through the end of the toggle clasp.

7. Pass back through the 11/0, 14/0 and 11/0 and the Turquoise nugget, coming out close to the thread that you added.

8. Tie two overhand knots using the free thread and the tail you left. Secure with a dab of clear nail polish. Turn the piece over and repeat the knots on the other side, securing them with nail polish as well.

9. Repeat from Step 4 above on the other side.

Enjoy this light and silky Dutch Spiral bracelet. Of course, it can be made longer and worn as a necklace. It can also be worn with the clasp on top of the wrist or underneath the wrist. I like to wear mine on top, ot looks great that way! Either way, you're sure to get loads of compliments!

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