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Bricks and Strands Beaded Bracelet
Free Bead Pattern using Seed Beads and Brick Stitch

1. Stretch and prepare approximately 3 feet of Nymo size "D" and thread your #12 beading needle.

 2. Make two brick stitch ladders, 13 bugle beads wide. Use a seed bead at the top and bottom of each bugle for reinforcement, and to keep it from cutting your thread. Leave a long tail, to weave back in and to tie off the ends. 3. Once your ladders are made, re-thread your needle, and begin adding the strands of beads. Measure along the top part of the wrist to determine how long to make the strands. These shown are 4 1/4 inches long. Use the clear and silver lined beads in any pattern you find pleasing. This was made with 3 clear, 1 s/l in that order. The strands may use different numbers of beads, as there is variation in seed bead sizes.

4. To add the strands, enter the needle at the top of one of the outside bugles, and stitch through. See photo for clarification of this step.

5. Add the beads to the strand, and exit the end bugle on the other ladder, bringing the needle back through the next bugle in the row, which will now join the two sections together.

6. Repeat this process until all of the strands have been added. Bury the thread into the work, and tie off if necessary, using a dab of clear nail polish to secure the knot.

7. Once the two ladders are joined with the strands, it is time to brick stitch the end points. Start at either end, and begin brick stitching on top of the bugle ladder. See "How To Do Brick Stitch" for assistance with this stitch.

8. Brick in ever-decreasing rows, until you have only two beads on the end of the point. Add your french wire here, and pass the needle through the loop on the back of the magnetic clasp. Pass the needle down through the second bead on top, and tie off. Do not attempt to pass the thread through the French Wire twice, this will only cause it to tangle.

9. Repeat on the other ladder, and there you are!

Enjoy this slinky and comfortable bracelet! You can vary the number of strands by using a smaller size Nymo, and passing it through the ladders more than once. And of course, making a matching pair of earrings will be a breeze!

Happy beading!

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