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Make an Adorable Pansy Bracelet
Free Bead Pattern created by Emily Hackbarth

Take a piece of thread twice the length of your arm, wax it. thread it, double it, and wax it again so that the two sides stick together. Pick up your clasp, two stem beads (green in the example), two flower beads (purple), and two more stem beads for a loop by tying a square knot. Leave a tail of several inches so you can weave it back in later.

Now thread your needle through the two stem beads that are on the same side as your thread is now on. Continue on through the two flower beads. Pick up six flower beads, your center bead, and six more flower beads. Make a loop by going up through your original two flower beads. Continue around the loop until your thread is coming out of the third bead past the center bead.
Pick up eleven flower beads, form another loop by going up through the center bead and continue through the next three flower beads.
Pick up another eleven flower beads and go down through the center bead and the three flower beads next to it.
Pick up eight more flower beads and form the final loop by going down through the third bead up from the center bead.
Continue threading down through the center bead, through the three beads that are common to the bottom loop and your new loop and up through the first five beads of your new loop. Your thread should now be coming out of the bead one up from the middle of the loop. Pick up five stem beads, two flower beads, and five more stem beads. Thread up through the bead below the bead your thread is coming out of. Thread through the first five stem bead and the two flower beads and you are ready to start your next flower!
Repeat until your bracelet is long enough to fit your wrist, attach a jump ring and weave your ends back into the piece. Enjoy!

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