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Guide Picks - Looms
Beading looms range for the most basic cardboard box loom through the most sophisticated heddle loom. There are adjustable, upright, flat, lap, desk and easel type looms.  They all serve a purpose, and all of them are great for a particular style and type of beading. Here's a list of my top ten favorites!
1.) Mirrix "Big Sister" Beading Loom
The Mirrix is one fantastic loom, with lots of optional equipment available.  Can be used with a shedding devise and heddles. Great new stand available, too.
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2.) Larry the Loom
I love the versatility of Larry the Loom.  Use it on a table edge, standing or flat. Easy to warp, easy to assemble and easy to use.  This is one great loom! 
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3.) Lap Loom by Bead Artistry
I love this loom both for table top and for lap use.  Works very well in a lap, with a nice tray for holding beads and supplies. 
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4.) Bear Cat Loom and Stand
Terrific loom and stand in one.  Great for split loom necklaces and any long loom work.  Easy to use, nice design. The stand is perfect, too!
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5.) Bear Cub Loom
My favorite for small projects such as tiny pouches, bracelets and chokers. Has a detachable leg, stores flat.  Great for travel. 
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6.) Tube Looms
These four little tube looms will reinvent the way you do bracelets, Amulet bags, tubular peyote and other small loom or frame type projects. 
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