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Daisy Chain Bead Stitch
Making Closed and Open Daisy Chain with Beads

The simplest technique is also my favorite

daisy chain

I usually make Daisy Chains with standard size 11° seed beads for necklaces and bracelets and pony beads for anklets, but you can use any size you want as long as the beads are not so large that they leave a lot of thread showing in between beads. For this example you will need: 

     • 3 colors of seed beads (I will use green, purple, and yellow to match the diagrams) 
     • Nymo 
     • size 12 needle 
     • beeswax 
     • clasp (A hook and eye is good for a necklace, lobster claw for bracelets and anklets.) 

It's best to start with as long a piece of doubled thread as you can handle. Wax it well, so that the two strands of Nymo stick together. It's much easier to handle this way. Alternately, you may use a single strand of Power Pro or other "gel spun" (not plain monofilament) fishing-type line.

Make a small loop of beads through the hole of one side of your clasp, go back through the loop several times to strengthen it. Tie a square knot and leave a loose end to hide later. Add 5 green beads, 4 purple, and one yellow. Go back through the first purple bead like so: 

Now add two more purple beads and go through the purple bead on the far side of your yellow center bead. 
That's it! Just repeat these steps until your chain is as long as you want it, add the other end of your clasp, hide your ends, and you're done! To make a closed Daisy Chain (no "stem part") simply omit the green beads. That's all there is to it!

~Emily Hackbarth 


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