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Free E-Mail Beading Classes
Learn Beading Stitches, Techniques, Get Patterns and More!

New courses will be added often - check back here regularly for updates and new additions to the roster. 

Build an Earring Warrobe A five week class beginning with beading basics, then adding designs to build your skill level. Learn simple earring assembly with ear wires, headpins and beads, then gradually learn new techniques until you're making flat and dimensional seed bead earring projects. This course will help you build a beautiful and varied beaded earring wardrobe and will help you learn a fun assortment of new beading skills.

Peyote Stitch Classes A Six Week free E-Mail Class on all aspects of Peyote Stitch, including flat even and odd count, tubular even count, 3-D, sculptural Peyote, freeform Peyote and more!

Beading Stitch Courses A basic course on brick stitch, Dutch Spiral, Spiral Rope, netting, loom, square stitch, herringbone and other helpful and handy beading techniques.

Build a Beaded Bracelet Wardrobe Lessons on making beaded bracelets along with free bead patterns each week.

Build a Necklace Wardrobe Get ideas, patterns and learn techniques to help you build a beaded necklace wardrobe.

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