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Beaded Snow Angel

Bead a Tiny Snow Angel Doll using Brick Stitch, Tubular Peyote Stitch and Seed Beads

Beaded Angel Doll in Brick Stitch and Peyote Stitch, Beaded with Seed Beads

Have you seen the Tiny Witch Doll for Halloween? Wouldn't she make a perfect little Beaded Angel, too?

What You'll Need to make your own Beaded Angel:

  • Around 300 size 11 pearl seed beads per Beaded Angel

  • 1 4mm round faceted crystal bead per Beaded Angel

  • 5 size 11 bronze or gold seed beads per Beaded Angel

Note: All beads referred to are size 11 pearl seed beads unless otherwise specified.

To begin, pick up 8 beads and tie them in a circle. Leave a long enough tail to weave back into the body of the doll later. Go forward though the bead next to the one your thread is coming out of. Pick up 20 more beads and go back through the first of them. Then go through the back of the circle bead you originally left. Continue through the next circle bead and repeat. Do this 8 times total, adding a loop to each circle bead. This creates the angels skirt. For a more elegant angel, increase the number of beads in each loop.

To build the angel's torso, treat the original 8 bead circle as a base for Even-Count Tubular Peyote. Add rows until there is a stack of three beads over each circle bead.

Close off the tube by going through the four beads added in the final round. Go through them several times until they stay put.

Now we need to make her some wings. With a new needle and thread, construct two brick stitch wings from the following graph. (Using white beads of course.)

Attaching the wings to the body is not hard, but it is a bit difficult to explain so please bear with me for a moment. In the tube that forms the angel's torso there are eight vertical columns. Although each of these columns are made up of the same number of beads, four of them are taller then the other four, are you with me so far? Align the doll so that one of these taller columns is at the front, one in back and the other two at the sides. Line up the wing with the back of one of the tall side columns so that the four beads marked with arrows on the wing graph are next to the four beads that make up the column. With your thread coming from the back of the top bead in the column, sew down through the second bead from the top on the edge of the wing. Go back through the body bead you left and down through the body bead underneath it. Now go down through the third bead from the top on the edge of the wing and back through the second body bead. Continue looping though each wing bead and back trough the body beads until all four beads are attached. Weave over to the other side of the body and attach the other wing in the same way. Both wings should tilt up and back as a result of this procedure.

To finish assembling the doll, weave up to the top bead in one of the tall side columns. Pick up your crystal bead and 5 bronze seed beads. Go back down through the crystal and through the top bead on the other side of the doll. Go back up though the crystal and the 5 bronze beads once more and back down again, re-entering the body of the doll through the opposite side of the first bead you left. Weave your thread into the doll to secure.

Make two and attach earring wires through the halo for earrings, or attach one to a pin back, or make three and do both!

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