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Beaded Ornament - Poinsettia
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One of the things I like to do when I'm feeling idea-less is to go to a big crafts store (Michael's usually cause it's about a block from my house) and just look around at all the stuff. Most of it has nothing to do with beads at first glance but I try to think of how I might make something beady out of the things I see there. If I have even a glimmer of an idea of how I could use something and it's not too expensive I buy it. Awhile back I bought this round piece of glass with a hole in it for a hanger. Here's what it looked like when it was still in the package:

I thought I might make some sort of suncatcher/ornament out of it. Since Christmas is almost here I figured this was pretty much my last chance to make an ornament so that's what I did. This is IT for ornaments this year, I swear! :-)

These pieces of glass also come in other neat shapes. Hopefully you can find them in a craft store near you, the distributor is Provo Craft, perhaps if you write or call they can give you the name of a store that carries them. As you can see on the package, they are called "Cut & Clear: Classy Glass Shapes." I don't know if they come in different sizes or not, but the one I used is about 3 1/4 inches in diameter. I found the following contact info on the net so it might not be correct, please let me know if that's the case.

Provo Craft
285 East 900 South
Provo, UT 84606
Contact: Darwin Russon
Telephone: 801-377-4311
Fax: 801-373-1901
Besides the piece of glass, you will need 14 yellow pony beads, a small amount of green and yellow size 11 seed beads and a larger quantity of size 10 silver lined red beads (rochailles).

Start by stringing 12 yellow seed beads and tying them in a circle. Go through the first bead after the knot and pick up 4 yellow seed beads, one pony bead, and one more yellow seed. Skip the last yellow seed and go back through the pony bead and the first 3 yellow seed beads you come to. Pick up one more yellow seed and go through the bead directly opposite in the circle from the bead you originally left. Go through the new bead you just added once more and through the first bead of the first group you picked up. Re-enter the circle through the opposite side of the bead you originally left. This makes the center of the yellow flower cluster in the center of the ornament. (The pretty red "petals" of a poinsettia are actually leaves, the cluster of little yellow berry looking things in the middle is the actual flower.)

Now lets make the rest of the flower cluster. Continue through the next two beads in the circle. Pick up 3 yellow seeds, one pony bead and one more seed. Skip the final seed and go back through the rest of the beads. Re-enter the circle from the back of the bead you originally left. Repeat 5 more times for 6 "sticks" radiating out from every other bead in the circle. For simplicity's sake I left the center stick out of the illustration.

Now we need to connect the 2nd bead of each stick to the corresponding bead in the sticks on either side to make all the sticks stand up and cluster together. Go up through the first 2 beads of the last stick you made. Now go down through the 2nd bead up in the stick next door. Go up through the 2nd bead of the 1st stick again and down through the 2nd bead in the 2nd stick once more. Now go up through the 2nd bead in the 3rd stick, down through the 2nd bead in the 2nd stick and up through the 2nd bead in the 3rd stick again. Continue connecting the 2nd bead of each stick to the 2nd bead in the stick next door in this manner until you get back to where you started.

Now we need to add the 1st set of 6 leaves. You should have just finished connecting the last stick to the first, continue down through the bottom bead of the stick and through the circle bead below. Go through one more circle bead and pick up 25 red seed beads. Skip the last one and go back through the second to the last. Pick up 22 more red beads and go down through the first red bead you picked up. Re-enter the circle through the back of the circle bead you originally left and continue through the next two circle beads. Repeat to add 5 more leaves for a total of 6. I would have had to make the diagram huge to include every bead so I left most of them out.

Now we will connect each of the 6 leaves. Go up through the first 15 beads (including the shared bottom bead) of the leaf you just completed. Pick up 10 more red beads. Skip the last one and go back through the second to the last. Pick up 8 more beads and enter the next leaf from the top of the 15th bead from the bottom and continue down through all the beads except the shared bottom bead. Go up through the other side of the 2nd leaf and exit the 15th from the bottom (counting the shared bottom bead which you did not go through this time). Repeat from "Pick up 10" in this paragraph until you have connected each leaf to the leaf on either side. Now weave down to the circle again and go through the circle bead at the base of the leaf several times (around the bottom so it won't show) to secure your thread. Go through a few more beads and snip. This completes one poinsettia, make another one for the other side of the ornament.

Now we need to connect the points of the two poinsettias together to enclose the piece of glass. Weave in a new thread and work your way up to and out of a bead at the point of one of the leaves in one of the poinsettias. Hold the two poinsettias back to back. Pick up 4 green seed beads and go through the point bead in a leaf on the second poinsettia from the same side your thread is on. Go back through the 4 green beads and re-enter the point on the other end through the opposite side from the side you left. Go through the beads along the edge until you get to the next point bead and repeat the above process. Do this 10 more times until you have connected all 12 points. After the 7th or so you will need to place the glass inside before you connect the rest of the points.

I plan to use a pretty green ribbon to hang my ornament. I think it will be a bit heavy for one of those cheapo ornament hooks. Happy Holidays!

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