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Holiday Earring Bead Patterns

Bead Some Earrings for the Holiday Season

This angel bead pattern works up really well in either size 11 or 14 seed beads. The first 9 rows are beaded in brick stitch and the rest is beaded fringe so they are quick to make. Decorate her dress in different ways, change the color of her hair, eyes, and skin and you will have a bevy of beautiful beaded angels. I used black lined clear beads for the edges of her wings and clear beads for the interior.

Beaded Angel Pattern

If you are feeling really ambitious, check out these needlepoint Christmas Angel patterns from Told in a Garden. Worked in Delica beads on a bead loom, the pattern distortion should be minimal. Bead a test swatch first though!

Candles are appropriate for any holiday! Just change the color of the beads used for the body of the candle to suit.

Beaded Candle Pattern

The letter on this bead pattern for a Dreidel is supposed to be Gimmel; it means "you win!" (g)

Beaded Dreidel Pattern

This little Kinara would make a perfect beaded Kwanzaa gift. It is beaded in square stitch.

Beaded Kinara Pattern for Kwanzaa

Corn , such as these little beaded ears, also has symbolic meaning in the Kwanzaa festival. You could make each family member their own beaded pin of corn ad a Kwanzaa gift.

And now for the piece de resistance, three, count 'em, three Santa bead patterns!

Beaded Santa Pattern

This one's more of an "old world" Santa.

Beaded Santa Pattern

This one's a little more modern.

Large Beaded Santa Pattern

This isn't really a earring bead pattern, it's too big. It would be great for a small beaded amulet bag.

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