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Lacy Beaded Edging
Free Bead Embroidery Tutorial

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Bead embroidery is so much fun, especially making beaded edging. There are an infinite number of possible variations on this theme, this article will look at four. These simple bead embroidery patterns can be used to embellish the edges of scarves, handkerchiefs, pillow cases, necklines, cuffs, anything!

Debby Colgrove, About.com's Sewing Guide tell us that in order to prepare a pece of fabric for bead embroidery, fabric or item should have a clean finished edge with a "baby hem" (the fabric is turned under 1/4" then 1/4" turn under again, then is stitched down), a serged rolled hem, or a narrow double fold bias tape enclosing the raw edge. She also mentioned that there is a fusible hem tape that is available for those who prefer not to sew. Woth fusible hem tape, an iron is used to seal two pieces of fabric together with the fusing between the fabric. A word of caution - this method might not hold up as well as a sewn hem so if you can sew your fabric, try to do so.

Click on the titles below for each bead embroidery stitch to get to the full tutorial.

Simple Picot Edging

beaded edging

It would be a good idea to read these instructions even if you don't plan to try this style of edging since they contain the best diagram of the method used to attach three of the four styles of edging.

Scalloped Horizontal Net

scalloped beaded edging

Interlocking Loops

looping beaded edging

Vertical Net

vertical net beaded edging

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