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Free Bead Patterns for
Brick Stitch and Peyote Stitch
Ballerina, Skater and Fairy
Earrings and Amulet Bags Bead Patterns

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The earrings should be worked in brick stitch. The vertical line on each earring graph indicates the optimal base row. The bags can be worked in either tubular peyote or flat brick. The earring patterns can also be used to make small pendants.

To add the ballerina's arms, bring your thread out through one of the arm beads indicated on the diagram and pick up 11 beads. Then go through the other arm bead to create a loop. Adjust the number of beads if the loop seems flat or too big. The legs on the sample shown were done differently than what's shown in the graph. Instead of stitching the leg beads, these were attached through the last skirt bead in that row by picking up six leg beads and two shoe beads. Skip the last bead picked up, go up through the rest and re-enter the skirt bead from the other side.

The arrow shows where to add the arms. Ten beads were used for the front arm and eight beads for the back. Adjust these numbers depending on the beads used, to make the arms flow gracefully. Add the back leg by leaving the bead marked with a black dot on the graph and picking up two leg beads and 3 white beads, skip the last two white beads and go up through the rest. Weave around in order to go down through the leg again and use the two white beads as a base to add the silver skate beads. Maintain tight tension so that the leg will not droop.

To add the fairy's arm, leave the bead marked with a black dot and pick up 3 arm beads and one yellow bead. Go back through the 3rd arm bead to secure the yellow bead on top of it. Then go through the yellow bead again and up through the arm through the second arm bead.

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