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Square Stitch Rosette Ornament
Free Bead Pattern and Graph
To Design Your Own Ornament Pattern

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In the past, beaders have posted some great ornament ideas on the Beadwork Forum. One of those ideas was to make two freestanding rosettes, attach them at the edges and stuff them for a nice little pillow ornament. The graph for this Square Stitch Rosette bead pattern elaborates on the idea here. Thanks Rebecca!

First, use the beading tutorial on this page to construct two free standing rosettes. Please note: when following the bead pattern for the Square Stitch Rosette, pass yout thread back through the entire round just completed before you begin the next round. This keeps the beginning and end of the round lined up better and tends to help the whole thing stay rounder longer.

Next, take the two rosettes and place them back to back with the edges aligned. Weave the two sides together by leaving a bead in the outer row of the first rosette, going up and back through the corresponding bead on the edge of the second rosette, then down and forward through the first bead again. Continue through the bead next door and repeat the process. Continue about two-thirds of the way around then stuff the space betwen the two rosettes with cotton or other stuffing material (potpourri?). Then close up the remaining third. Attach a hanging loop and you are set!

Click Here for a blank graph to print out.

Here are some patterns to try:

This one requires an extra step when attaching the sides. Once the extended portion is reached, instead of weaving the edge together in the manner outlined above, thread through the five beads at the base of the extended portion then go through the five corresponding beads in the second rosette. Then go through the first 5 again and pull tight to make a ring. Then thread though the other rows of 5 beads the same way. Add a hanging loop from one side of the tube to the other.

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