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Iris - A Beaded Flower Design

Dimensional Beaded Flower

3D beaded iris

This Dimensional Beaded Flower, like the Daffodil, a reader asked for an Iris dimensinal flower deisgn. This pattern is of a Bearded Iris, only one of many different varieties of irises.

What You Will Need

  • Size B Nymo in a color that blends well with your beads

  • Size 12 needle

  • 2 or 3 colors of size 11 seed beads. Irises are named for the Goddess Iris, the Goddess of the Rainbow because the flower blooms in every color of the rainbow.

You will need to know how to do brick stitch and square stitch to complete this project. Brick stitch instructions can be found here, and here. The Indian Corn project contains a brief set of instructions for square stitch.

Begin with the lower petals. Using brick stitch, construct 3 petals by following the graph below. Finish off each petal by making a circuit with your thread through the beads around the edges of the petal. Pull your thread tight to cause the petal to cup up. Weave the end of your thread in to the work to secure it and snip off the excess.

Use the graph shown below to work the 3 lower petals. First turn the graph sideways and work the area between the two arrows in square stitch, then add the remaining rows in brick. You may want to use a different color for the upper petals.

When all 6 petals are completed, it's time to assemble them into an iris. First weave a new thread into one of your bottom petals until the thread is coming out the bead at the bottom of the point. Then go up through the bottom of the corresponding bead in the 2nd petal. Go down through the bead you originally left to complete the loop that connects the two beads. Now go up through the bottom bead in the 3rd petal. Go back down through the bead in the 1st petal again, up through the bead in the 3rd petal then down through the bead in the 2nd petal and up through the bead in the 3rd petal once again. At this point, the 3 petals should be securely attached to one another by their bottom-most beads. Thread your needle through one of the edge beads above the bead your thread is coming out of to put it in position to add the upper petals.

What we want to do with the upper petals is attach each one between a pair of lower petals by attaching the beads at the edges of the 1st and 2nd rows of the upper petal to the 2nd and 3rd rows of the lower petals on each side. Your thread should be coming out of an edge bead in the second row of one of the lower petals. Thread your needle down through the single bead in the 1st row of an upper petal then go up through the bead you left in the lower petal and on up through the edge bead above it. Then go down through the edge bead in the second row of the upper petal, and up through the bead in the lower petal you left once again. Weave your way to the other side of the upper petal and repeat the process again to attach it to the next lower petal. Add the next two upper petals in the same manner.

This diagram will give you an idea of where the petals should be in relation to each other.

Now bend the upper petals up so that their tips touch at the top. Connect top points of the upper petals the same way you connected the bottom points of the lower petals to complete the flower. You may have to encourage the lower petals to fold down nicely. Good luck, and have fun!

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