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Bead Patterns in Peyote Stitch
Animal Pattern Designs
Free Bead Patterns

The free bead patterns on this page were designed at the request of beaders in search of Peyote stitch pattern of particular animals. Click on the pictures to see the full-sized patterns. Each individual pattern is on a printer friendly page.

And here's another page of Peyote Stitch Free Bead Pattern of animals. There's even more free bead patterns of various animals (plus a guitar) on this page including a seagull pattern, a bunny pattern, a guitar design, a moose pattern and a cute siamese cat bead pattern.

Andrea wanted a chicken pattern:

click for full-size pattern

Cheryl needed a bear pattern for her husband's elkhide frontier outfit.
click for full-size pattern

Debbie asked for a parrot.
click for full-size pattern

Sylvia is joining an Elk's Lodge.
click for full-size pattern

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