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Dolphin Dream Amulet Bag
Free Bead Pattern
Even Count Tubular Peyote Stitch

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This Dolphin Dream Amulet Bag bead pattern is meant to be worked in Even Count Tubular Peyote Stitch. The free bead pattern will work best with a solid color background or with the charted ocean and sky motif. The pattern will work with both Delica type beads and regular round seed beads.

Fish Fringe

These fringe fish were conceived during the design of the Orca Beaded Amulet Bag. They were not included with that design, since the Orca would probably have eaten them (LOL) but they would work very well with this Dolphin design.

To make them, pick up a small teardrop and three seed beads and tie them in a circle. Go through the teardrop and the first seed bead again.

Pick up another seed and loop through the back of the bead your thread exits to attach the new bead on top of it. Go forward though the second seed bead and attach a bead on top of it in the same manner. Do the same for the third bead.

Now go back through the last bead you added. Pick up a bead and go through the bead you added on top of the second bead in the first row. Then pick up one more bead and go through the bead on top of the first bead. Pull your thread tight, weave it in securely and snip.

You can make a bunch in different colors and just thread through the hole in the teardrop to add them to your fringe as you go. Have fun!


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