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Patriotic Patterns to Bead

Bead some Wonderful Red, White and Blue!

Patriotic Bead patterns have been popular for a long time, but I've had a lot of people asking for bead patterns and beading ideas using red, white and blue, so I've refined my list of great Patriotic Bead patterns. Hope you find something you would like to make! 

In the "easy" category, we have the cute and fast A Bit of Beaded Bunting brick stitch beaded earrings. These make a great bead project for the beginner and if you have not worked in Brick stitch, here's a little How to do Brick Stitch beading tutorial.

Cheryl Assemi designed this beautiful Peyote stitch beaded Flag Amulet pattern. It remains one of my all-time favorite Amulet designs. 

From Karen Jenner we have a wonderful flag for loom and one for Peyote. These would be good beaded mini-tapestries or would work as the front of back of a beaded Amulet bag, too. 

Leslie Pinkston offers this cute Red White and Blue Bracelet bead pattern with a heart of gold. Another one of my favorites, this would make a wonderful gift for anyone with family overseas right now.

Sherri Burns has designed this lovely Eagle for us to bead on the loom. .

Don't forget the incredible She Stands Tall mini tapestry for loom and for Peyote along with the color guide for this breathtaking bead pattern by Margie Deeb.

Pat Savu has designed a wonderful  Yellow Ribbon bead pin to wear in support of our troops overseas.

The terrific folks at Bead Patterns.com have a wealth of great Patriotic bead patterns for sale. The prices are reasonable and the beading designs and customer service are always excellent. Bumble Beads has designed a great Flag Pin to bead in either Peyote stitch or on the bead loom. You might want to pick up a copy of Brenda Whitehead's bead pattern titled Purple Mountains Majesty; such a gorgeous design. Another beautiful bead deisgn is the gorgeous Flag Choker from Charlene Hughes aka Beady Boop. This is one lovely necklace design. Leave it to Sigrid Wynn-Evans to come up with a slightly unusual beaded Flag Bracelet. I'll make this one for sure.

DebbaWorks has offered this Red White and Blue Strip, one for Peyote stitch, one for the bead loom. I've beaded the loom version and it is beautiful.

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