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African Net Beaded Necklace – Part Two

Color Patterns and Matching Earrings

Here are the matching beaded earrings to go with the original African Net Beaded Necklace These beaded earrings are very easy to make. Here's how:

Stop after you complete step 22, or the second to last step in the African Net Beaded Necklace instructions. Thread your needle through the first four beads across the top edge of the piece to the left, counting from where your thread is coming out. Pick up 5 beads and your earring wire. Go back through the first of the 5 beads you added and through the next four beads across the top to the left.

Now thread down through the beads along the left side of the earring until you get back to your start bead. Pick up 5 beads and go up through the 3rd bead up from your start bead. Weave the thread into the work to secure it and you're done! See, pretty easy!

Now for some interesting color variations. First, here is the color pattern for the original necklace. Click here to see a picture.

What I've done here is numbered each bead to correspond with the step it's a part of. I continued through the first repetition of step two to give you a visual cue as to where the repeat begins.

The focus here is more on offering some ideas about the different patterns of color that can be used, rather than giving specific color suggestions. Feel free to use the indicated choices if you like them, but don't let them limit you.

Here is a picture of a slight variation on the above pattern. The earringsshown here were beaded with 1 E bead in place of each pair of purple beads across the top. Then I threaded through the E beads and added a light blue seed bead in between each of them.

Click here for a graph you can use to create your own patterns.

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