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How To Make a Spiral Chain

This gorgeous stitch makes a great necklace or bracelet, and can be used for other applications as well. Try it as a strap for an Amulet Bag, or even as earrings!

Difficulty Level: easy      Time Required: 60 minutes to make a short piece

Here's How:
  1. Begin by threading a #12 beading needle with about 2 or 3 yards of thread, depending upon your thread length preference. Nymo works well. Double your thread and knot the end to keep the threads together.
  2. Add 6 beads in this order: 1 size 8/0, 1 size 11/0, 1 size 8/0, 1 size 11/0, 1 size 8/0, 1 size 11/0.
  3. Tie this into a circle, and leave a tail of about 10 inches. This tail will be used for adding your clasp or findings.
  4. Start the next row by passing the needle through the first Size 8/0 bead you strung.
  5. Pick up 2 Size 11/0 beads and 1 size 8/0 bead.
  6. Pass the needle through the next size 8/0 bead from the previous row.
  7. Continue adding 2 size 11/0 and 1 size 8/0 until you finish the row. Each row has 3 sets of 3 beads each.
  8. For the third row, add 3 size 11/0 and one size 8/0, then pass through the first size 8/0 bead from the previous row.
  9. Continue in this count until your chain reaches the desired length.
  10. To decrease at the end, reduce the size 11/0 added to 2 for one row, and then to 1 for one row.
  11. Use the remaining thread to add your clasp or findings. Add a clasp at the other end, too, using the tail that was originally left.
  1. Keep your thread tension tight and even for best results with this stitch.
  2. Use Czech type beads (rounded) rather than Delica type beads (cylindrical) when you first start out with this stitch.
  3. Don't wax your thread for this stitch, as you do not want a stiff thread. However, you can use a silicon based product, such as Thread Heaven, to keep the thread from tangling.

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