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Beautiful Bead Kits by Beading Artist Stephaine Eddy

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Pearls and Twigs Beaded Bracelet Kit

Pearls and Twigs Beading Kit - Stephanie J. Eddy

Stephanie J. Eddy
Looking to bead something gorgeous and different from the usual bead kits of basic flat bracelets and necklaces? Do you want a little beading challenge, along with a beautiful beaded project? Then you'll adore these lovely beading kits from beadwork designer Stephanie J. Eddy.
I am a beading kit nut, I admit it. I look at every beading kit, beadwork package, and packaged beading project that I can find and really do enjoy most of what I see. But these stunning beadwork designs seem to stand out a bit from the rest of the pack. Designed by Stephanie J. Eddy, these beaded necklace and bracelet kits will have you wanting more. The perfect colors, subtle, and sophisticated elements Stephanie uses in her designs elevate them to the level of beaded artwork.

One beauty, the Pearls and Twigs bracelet is offered in a variety of sophisticated colorways. The bright Berry and Leaf Bracelet makes a cheerful accessory using Peyote stitch for the leaves and the berries, with addition of pressed glass flowers and leaves. Stephanie's Wedding Jewelry section is another must-see if you or anyone you know are planning nuptials any time soon.

Each of Stephanie's beading kits contain everything you'll need to complete the project, including well-written instructions, beads, closure buttons, and any additional items required for that specific beading project. The materials are high quality, and the finished beadwork pieces work up beautifully.

Do be aware, though, that Stephanie Eddy Beading Kits do not contain needles and thread, as each beader has his/her own thread and needle preferences; just keep this in mind of you are purchasing this kit as a gift or for yourself for travel. In that case, just toss in a Clover Cutter, a couple of needles, and you're all set.

Guaranteed not to disappoint, Stephanie Eddy kits are designed to please even the pickiest beader.

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