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The Lani Loom by Mirrix Looms

The Lani Loom by Mirrix Looms

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The Lani Loom for Bead Weaving

The Lani Loom for Bead Weaving - By Mirrix Looms

Mirrix Looms
Love the look of the Mirrix loom but a little overwhelmed by the technical aspects of a tapestry type loom? Are you looking for a basic bead weaving loom that's a step above all the rest? Take a look at the delightful "Lani Loom by Mirrix Looms - everything you could want in a bead loom, plus more!
Good things come in small packages. This loom is, indeed, a good thing.

Weighing in at just 4 lbs, this loom is engineered just like the larger Mirrix looms. It can be warped with the included warping bar (just like the larger looms) or in a continuous warp using the optional extra spring set. The loom can be warped at a wider epi for use with larger beads by affixing a strand of the size beads you want to weave to the two knobs at the top of the loom.

This loom also has the same excellent tension adjustment capabilities as any other Mirrix loom. Just a quick twist using the tension tool included with each loom will set the warp tension as high as you need it to be. This loom is so sturdy and durable that you can even warp it with wire and set the tension to pull it straight and smooth. Imagine doing that with a standard loom - no way! With a generous weaving area of 5" X 26", you will be able to complete a wide variety of bead weaving projects.

This loom will last a lifetime. If you're looking for a high-quality bead loom that is completely portable, takes us very little desk space, can be used in your lap or on a table and is engineered like the finest floor looms out there, then this is your loom. Priced at just $155.
00, it's a bargain that will be hard to beat!

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