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Easy Beaded Earring Designs

Free Patterns to make Your Own


Ever need instant gratification? I love the immediate "warm fuzzies" I get when I do something delightful for myself, such as taking a long soak in the tub or getting a facial. But best of all, I like to make myself something gorgeous to wear when I'm having one of those mornings where my hair is standing on end and the cat ate my last pair of pantyhose. On those days, I need earrings.

I love earrings. I wear a uniform to my day job, so I can't wear all the cool beadwork I own, but I can always wear earrings! Alas, though, I cannot wear posts, because I talk on the phone a lot and posts dig into the side of my neck and irritate the heck out of me. I have become ingenious with earring designs like these that work on wires, thus saving me from unintentional body piercing.

I think the earring making obsession started for me when I was working in a very stressful job. When I would get home, I was usually too wound up and pressed for time to work on a seed bead project, so I began making earrings. We all have a few beads leftover from other projects, and head pins are a "shelf staple" in my studio, much like pasta is in the kitchen. Earring making worked to relax me, and I could make earrings while watching TV with my family. What more could I ask for? I want to share some of the ideas for making earrings that I use whenever I need a quick gift or a quick lift.

Here's a link to the complete instructions for making your won Easy Beaded Earrings.

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