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Soft and Slinky Dutch Spiral

Free Bead Pattern using Chic Turquoise Accents


Soft and Slinky Dutch Spiral Beaded Bracelet

Soft and Slinky Dutch Spiral in Chic Shades of Turquoise with Silver

Paula S. Morgan
This Dutch Spiral Beaded Bracelet uses seed beads in size 14/0, 11/0, 8/0 White Hearts and a couple of turquoise nuggets and it simply never fails to get a compliment.

I had originally planned to use this piece as the band for a bracelet with a large piece of turquoise in the middle, but as I neared the completion, I saw that the Spiral was just lovely all by itself. The colors I used remind me of the various hues of turquoise, and I love to work with any kind of white heart.

The bead progression on this piece is a bit different, too. I used a size 8/0 as the large bead, and my three bead combination consists of a 14/0, an 11/0 and a 14/0. This makes for a slightly closer weave, and does not cause the piece to curl or twist, but to be a smooth, tight weave. Here's what you need to make your own:

  • Five (5) grams (approx.) Size 8/0 White heart Beads - Light Blue
  • Five (5) grams (approx.) Size 11/0 beads - Clear, Turquoise lined seed beads
  • Five (5) grams (approx.) Size 14/0 beads - Matte Black
  • Two (2) - 10 mm (approx.) Turquoise nuggets
  • One (1) - 10 mm Sterling Silver Fancy Toggle Clasp Set
  • Nymo D - Light Blue
  • Two (2) - 8 mm (approx.) long pieces of silver French Coil

  1. Start the bracelet according to these instructions, but instead of using 11/0 beads in the first row, use the 14/0's.
  2. Continue the pattern in the instructions, except at Step #7, use a 14/0 and an 11/0. Then at Step #8 use an11/0, a 14/0 and an 11/0. Maintain this pattern throughout the bracelet.
  3. When you have reached a length of 5 1/2 inches, or until you are 1 1/2 inches shorter that the wrist size, finish off according to the instructions, using the corresponding 11/0 and 14/0 beads as above.
  4. Using a new thread of Nymo, pass through the bead closest to the tip of the Spiral, and knot securely, leaving a 6" tail.
  5. Add one of the Turquoise nuggets, an 11/0 bead, a 14/0 bead and an 11/0 bead. See close up image below.
  6. Place the 8mm piece of French Coil onto the thread, and pass through the end of the toggle clasp.
  7. Pass back through the 11/0, 14/0 and 11/0 and the Turquoise nugget, coming out close to the thread that you added.
  8. Tie two overhand knots using the free thread and the tail you left. Secure with a dab of clear nail polish. Turn the piece over and repeat the knots on the other side, securing them with nail polish as well.
  9. Repeat from Step 4 above on the other side..
Enjoy this light and silky Dutch Spiral bracelet. Of course, it can be made longer and worn as a necklace. It can also be worn with the clasp on top of the wrist or underneath the wrist. I like to wear mine on top, ot looks great that way! Either way, you're sure to get loads of compliments!

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