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How To Weave Beads on a Loom


Simple instructions for bead weaving on a loom, a beautiful and traditional form of beadwork, which makes a strong and sturdy finished piece.
Difficulty: Average
Time Required: 30 minutes to learn the technique

Here's How:

  1. After warping your loom (see How To Warp a Loom), thread a beading needle with approximately 1 1/2 yards of thread. This is your weft thread.
  2. Tie this thread to the warp thread on the far left side. Add the beads for the first row of weaving.
  3. Pass the needle with the weft thread and beads under the warp threads on the loom.
  4. Using your finger, push the beads up so that a bead comes up with a warp thread on either side.
  5. Keeping the beads in place, bring the weft thread up over the last warp thread in the row and pass it back through all of the beads.
  6. Pick up the beads for the second row and repeat from Step 3.
  7. When you have finished all the rows in your pattern, weave any loose threads back into the finished work.
  8. To remove the finished piece from the loom, carefully cut the warp threads as far away from the body of the piece as possible. These threads can either be woven back into the piece or braided and turned under or included into an edging.


  1. Use a blunt needle to weave, to keep from accidently splitting your warp threads.
  2. When adding a new thread, do so a couple of beads into the row, not at the edge of the warp threads, as this will make it easier to work the thread back into the work and will be less likely to show a thread addition at the edge.
  3. Be careful not to catch an extra warp thread when doing decreases; just pass under the thread nearest the new edge.

What You Need:

  • Loom for Weaving Beads
  • Nymo D or F for warps
  • Nymo B or D beads
  • Size 11/0 Seed Beads
  • Loom Pattern

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