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Jennifer VanBenschoten

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Jennifer VanBenschoten has had her original beadwork designs published twice on the cover of a leading beadwork magazine.


Jennifer has been creating beautiful works of beaded art for over 10 years. Many of her original designs have appeared in two leading beading magazines. Her work has been purchased by collectors and celebrities alike. She enjoys teaching others how to do beadwork and will be teaching in 2009 at a national beading convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


While Jennifer has had no formal schooling in the fine arts or in beadwork, she has taken several classes with leading beadwork artists and teachers, and is currently honing her color skills as they relate to beading by working with color expert and bead artist Margie Deeb.

By Jennifer VanBenschoten:

I am a work-at-home mom to a wonderful toddler. I live in upstate NY near the Canadian border, where the beautiful mountains, forests and lakes give me lots of inspiration for my beadwork. I fell in love with beadwork at any early age, thanks to my Mom and her love of fiber arts, knitting and crochet. I love the historical aspect of beadwork, as well as the way that so many cultures, countries and people can be tied together with one common thread - beads!

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